9 Best Ways You Can Make Money Online from Home

You’ve probably heard about the growing trend of working at home or making money online. The idea behind it is simple: you can save time and money by working from wherever you want, whenever you want.

There are lots of ways to make money from home. Whether you’re looking for a part-time or full-time income, there are plenty of options out there. From writing to selling crafts, there are endless opportunities to make money from home without leaving your house.

You might want to get paid for something you already do anyway. This is called side hustling. Side hustles are great because they allow you to supplement your income without having to give up your current lifestyle.

With the rise of the sharing economy, freelancing has become a viable option for many people who want to make extra cash. In fact, according to Forbes, the freelance workforce grew by 20% between 2014 and 2015 alone.

You’d like to earn money, but you’re not sure where to begin. Do not be worried; we have you covered.

How to Make Money Online

The sweet spot that people look for in the gig economy is making money online. We’ve uncovered several good possibilities, regardless of whether your goal is to become a six-figure social media influencer or you simply want to add some online side jobs to your current income.

1. Pick Up Freelance Work Online

Utilize platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.com to earn money online. These websites provide opportunities to work as a virtual assistant, in addition to other freelance services including writing, programming, design, marketing, and data entry.

Keep track of the going rate for the kind of work you perform no matter what kind of freelancing you do so you can determine whether you’re charging too much or too little.

Total time: It can take a while to get your first gig.
Setup: 24 hours.
How easy to start: Easy, if you have the expertise.
How fast you’ll get paid: Varies by the site.

2. Make Money from your Blog as an Affiliate

If your site receives a reasonable amount of traffic, you could earn money by signing up for an affiliate network. When a visitor clicks over from the website to the partner site and makes a purchase there, the affiliates—that would be you—get compensated. This is how some bloggers make a lot of money.

Total time: It can take quite a while to build an audience.
Setup: With blog templates, building a site is easy.
How easy to start: Starting is not that difficult. Creating regular content may be another matter.
Age threshold: Any.
How fast you’ll get paid: A month or two, on average.

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3. Become a Private Tutor

Become a private instructor to turn your aptitude in math, science, a foreign language, or test preparation into a lucrative side business. Both online and in-person tutoring are options. Your fee may vary depending on the market, your level of experience, and your area of specialty.

To get started, check Craigslist to see what kinds of tutors are required, or make an account on Tutor.com or Care.com. Additionally, you can promote your services at neighborhood community centers and schools.

Total time: Varies by subject matter. Some companies might require a minimum availability per week (e.g., Tutor.com requires 5 hours).
Setup: Can be a bit involved.
How easy to start: Students will have to find you, and that might take a while.
Age threshold: Any.
How fast you’ll get paid: Usually pretty fast; often right away.

4. Become an Instagram Influencer

Influencers on Instagram that have sizable, engaged fan bases are being used by businesses to promote their goods. Apply for chances through a marketing platform like Open Influence or Aspire, or get in touch with the brands you wish to collaborate with, to get in on the action.

Total time: You’ll need to stick with it.
Setup: Quick and easy.
How easy to start: Not that easy. It’s a very competitive platform.
Age threshold: 13+.
How fast you’ll get paid: Varies on partnerships.

5. Make Money from your Blog or YouTube Channel

Make money from your cat videos. You might be able to earn money from advertising if your blog posts or YouTube videos have a large following. Before enrolling in the YouTube Partners Program, creators must reach a threshold of 1,000 subscribers, according to YouTube. Then, Google AdSense, a service that companies pay for to advertise around your content, is available to YouTube Partners.

Total time: It can take several weeks to get up and running.
Setup: Not that hard.
How easy to start: Depends on how good you are at producing interesting videos.
Age threshold: 18+.
How fast you’ll get paid: Could take a long while to earn the first payout; then monthly.

6. Sell Your Photography

Utilize online marketplaces like Fine Art America to sell your photos as prints, t-shirts, phone cases, and other products.
SmugMug, 500px, and PhotoShelter are additional online photo markets. Some websites charge a monthly fee but offer features like password-protected galleries, cloud storage, and personalized websites.

Total time: Buyers need to find you — and like your work.
Setup: Just a few hours.
How easy to start: If you have a library of photos, you’re on the way.
Age threshold: Any.
How fast you’ll get paid: Depends on your sales platform.

7. Monetize your Twitch Channel

If you have a constant following on Twitch, the top gaming website, gaming could be a method to earn money from home. If they achieve Affiliate or Partner status, broadcasters can accept donations from viewers and potentially take a cut of subscription and advertising revenue.

Total time: This can be a long game.
Setup: Quick and easy.
How easy to start: Easy to start; takes a while to build a following.
Age threshold: 13+.
How fast you’ll get paid: Monthly.

8. Type for Cash

Do you type quickly? It is straightforward to transcribe: While typing, listen to an audio file on headphones. According to International Living, “as a transcriber, your salary is closely tied to how quickly you type.” Instead of being paid by the hour performed, transcription tasks are compensated by the audio hour (the length of the audio file). The audio quality, background noise, speaker accent, and speaking rate all affect how long it takes to finish a transcript.

The typical transcriber may finish one audio hour in four hours of work while typing between 75 and 100 words per minute. Take the transcriber-hiring business Rev.com as an example.

9. Become a Freelance Proofreader

Another lucrative internet job is proofreading. According to International Living, “the majority of agencies will pay the proofreader about 25% of the cost of a translated document.”

For the translation of a five-page basic business document, agencies charge around $75. Therefore, proofreading identical work, which takes an hour, pays out between $18 and $20. You have the option of working full-time, part-time, or always.

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