The demand for high-income skills and high-income digital skills is at its peak presently. This is because of new technological innovations popping out  every now and then. Flipflage is a digital skills acquisition platform built for emerging technology, entrepreneurs and anyone from any part of the globe to learn from the best in their field of choice. We partner with over 150 organizations to provide the best and most flexible courses and relevant information to suit your quest.

As it is said: “We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.”

With this in mind, we provide the best in digital marketing, online business, personal development, designs, relevant information to make you stand out.

Core Value

  • We pay the price and you get the value.
  • We search for high valued content and make sure is 100% free for our clients.


Our mission is to raise world-class digital entrepreneurs by providing them with the best of skills/information. We tend to achieve this with the aid of comfort and flexibility the internet has provided us. So, our prospective users can learn while on the go and at their suitable times.


As an online digital skills/information acquisition platform, we have a vision of being among the leading digital trainers/information dispenser across the globe. Also, making sure that everyone who comes across this platform will have something tangible to take home in the digital space. To achieve all these, we have courses/information in different skills that are totally free which can be accessed here.

About the Owners

  1. My name is Onwumere Franklyn, a B.sc holder in Computer Science. I am a professional Web Developer. I am experienced with PHP, Ajax, JQuery, and WordPress. I have completed projects which include, School Management System, Invoice System, Banking Management System, eCommerce, and Content Management System.
  2. My name is Nwazue Daniels, a B.sc holder in office management. I called myself an information minister. I am an expert in Database Management, Information Analyst, Digital Marketing which includes Email, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.  I have helped so many companies visible in the online space and also generate sales for them massively.