Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill – Summary

outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill
outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill

Outwitting The Devil by Napoleon is a fictitious conversation between Napoleon Hill and the Devil, during which the latter extracts some knowledge from the source of evil that will enable humanity to escape his clutches and lead morally upright lives.

Fact About the Book: Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Your entire existence is spent acting out of either fear or faith. Napoleon Hill explores how fear, procrastination, wrath, and envy keep us from achieving our own goals using his renown ability to reach to the heart of human potential. Hill was instructed by the other self to cease succumbing to doubt and fear and to complete his philosophy of achievement, which he did. We have confidence in ourselves when we are listening to our other self. We don’t give up to the Resistance. There is no other way to live your life properly than this.

The devil wants us to be perpetual drifters who never accomplish our life’s purpose. Hill immediately discovers the devil has even more cunning ways of destroying us as he begins questioning him about the most typical worries he utilizes against man. The devil is said to first introduce “the principle of habit” into our thinking before forming “the habit of drifting.”

Seven principles can assist us in achieving bodily, mental, and spiritual freedom. Hill ultimately asks the lord of evil for advice on how we can fight his terrible powers after he made the devil expose every wicked tactic in his book. He explains seven rules that people need adhere to in order to have freedom in all spheres of life:

  • Definiteness of purpose. Select a purpose, a lofty aspiration, or a significant goal, and work tirelessly to achieve it.
  • Control over oneself. Freedom is equal to discipline. You won’t get anywhere in life if you live on instinct, like a drifter.
  • Taking lessons from hardship. Failures are failures, period. It’s up to us whether we use them as lessons or let them deter us.
  • Controlling the impact of the environment. It matters who you hang out with. It matters how your room appears.
  • Time. Negativity and wandering might become permanent over time. But it can also make wisdom and goodwill endure.
  • Harmony. You must be the major actor in your life in order to balance the mental, spiritual, and physical facets of it.
  • Caution. Always take action. Thought should always come before action.

Even the finest among us have setbacks. But those setbacks might easily develop into persistent indecision. Stop letting them. Keep the devil from triumphing. Life is a game that is too crucial for us to lose.

About the Author – Napoleon Hill

One of the pioneers of the contemporary genre of personal-success fiction was American novelist Napoleon Hill, a member of the new thought movement.

Think and Grow Rich, his best-known book, is among the best-selling books of all time (it had sold 20 million copies when Hill passed away in 1970).

Hill’s writings explored the influence of individual ideas and their significance for one’s achievement.
The majority of his works provided guidelines for achieving “success.”

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