5 Best Free Sales Funnel Builder for Affiliate Marketing

A funnel is a visual representation of a sales process with a funnel builder. The goal is to get visitors through the various stages of interest, awareness, evaluation, decision, purchase, and repeat purchases. Each stage has its own purpose and requires specific attention.

Funnel building is a proven strategy for growing your email list. In fact, it’s the single biggest factor for businesses that want to build a large audience.

There are three main types of funnels:

1) Lead generation – This type of funnel focuses on generating leads from potential customers.

2) Sales conversion – This type of funnel helps you convert prospects into paying customers.

3) Customer retention – This type of funnel keeps existing customers engaged and happy.

Funnels are the lifeblood of any marketing strategy. They allow you to track where prospects come from, who they are and what actions they take once they arrive at your site. The problem is that most businesses don’t know how to create them because they aren’t taught.

How do you Create a Free Sales Funnel that Converts?

Though they all have different patterns, most sales funnels are constructed using the same techniques. However, it varies depending on the tool you use to generate it. The tools you intend to use might not support some of the functionality you require.

One of the reasons we created a list of free funnel creators for affiliate marketing is so you could test out a variety of them. Building a sales funnel is not difficult; all you have to do is adhere to the straightforward instructions provided below. These procedures show you how to create a funnel that converts rather than merely one that works.

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1. Create a Landing Page

Making a stunning and basic landing page is the first step in building a sales funnel. When a potential customer clicks on your link, they are sent to a landing page. It is crucial for building funnels.

You may quickly create a landing page by modifying the pre-made templates with the list of software we’ll give you later.

2. Give a Valuable Offer

The next step after creating your landing page is to make a great offer. People don’t like sharing their names and emails, therefore you must provide value in exchange for their email addresses.

Offer an ebook or something else in your field, but make sure it is something your audience will find valuable and enjoy.

3. Follow up with the Prospects

Don’t wait for them to return once you receive their email and become complacent. By providing them with useful information via email, you will stay in touch with them. You can think about offering them training and advice on your area of expertise through email once a week or once a month. However, try not to send them every day to prevent boredom and unsubscription.

4. Provide them with an Irresistible Offer

It’s time to turn them into sales because they have been responding to your communications. Give them something irresistible. In affiliate marketing, you can obtain a product that your potential customer will be willing to purchase. Send them a fantastic email with the merchandise attached.

Best Sales Funnel Builder for Affiliate Marketing

1. System IO

One of the best and most well-liked funnel builders is this one. Both free and premium options are offered. The majority of the capabilities you’ll require for developing funnels are included in the free plan.

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Pre-made designs, the ability to link to your personal domain, a website builder, a potent email-sending system, etc. are some of the features that come with the free plan.

2. Elementor 

With the help of the WordPress plugin Elementor, you can create stunning web pages or conversion funnels. It also has a paid one and a free one, but the free one works just fine for building funnels. But only individuals who own WordPress sites are eligible for this.

3. Convertkit

This is an effective and well-liked funnel builder. Convertkit is useful for both email marketing and funnel builders. You can create a fantastic sales funnel using ConvertKit’s free plan without spending any money.

Utilizing ConvertKit has two advantages: you can use it for email marketing, funnel building, or both. The free plan includes the majority of the functionality you’ll require.

4. GetResponse 

GetResponse is a funnel builder and email marketing tool. It is one of the most popular email marketing programs and is extremely similar to Convertkit. Think about using GetResponse or ConvertKit if you want to create a funnel and expand your email list.

5. Groove Funnels

Groove funnels are an excellent and cost-free funnel builder for affiliate marketing, as suggested by the name. The incredible features of this software are the only thing I adore about it. It offers several capabilities that other funnel builders don’t.

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