The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

In this article, We are going to solve two issues. When we want to send emails from our website or maybe cold emails, we want to look like professionals and we want access to your inbox and that’s exactly what you will learn from this article. How? Simply by creating a professional business email address and the great thing is that it’s 100% free. I called this the best method to create a free business email in 2022.


Your First Question: What is Business Email Address?

Instead of a generic google or yahoo account, a professional business email address uses your company’s custom domain name, such as [email protected]. The majority of newcomers utilize basic free business email addresses with no domain name, which isn’t particularly professional. For example, [email protected] or [email protected]. Because anyone may create these generic email accounts, customers and other businesses are less likely to trust them as authentic corporate email accounts.

A professional business email address is an email address that represents your business. This type of email address is typically used when you are sending emails to other business professionals. A professional business email address should have a domain name that is associated with your business, such as The domain name should also be the same as the name of your business.


Your Second Question: What Real Make This Business Email Priority?

Email marketing is a great way to build relationships with customers and promote your company. It is also an effective way to communicate with your customers, collect information, and drive traffic to your website.

There are a few things you need to do to make email marketing work for your business. First, create a good email template. This will help you to keep your emails consistent and organized. Second, make sure your email content is relevant to your customers. Third, create a strong email marketing campaign strategy. This will help you to set goals, track progress, and make changes as needed. Fourth, make sure your email marketing efforts are well-targeted.

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The following are the top four reasons why your company needs a professional email address:

  1. A unique email address for a business appears more professional.
  2. It’s also short and simple to recall.
  3. Customers will trust you as a real company if you use a professional business email address.
  4. Sending emails from your own domain name helps you to promote your business with each message.
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The sweet part is that you can get your own customized business email address for free, so there’s no reason not to. If you want to be taken seriously by your clients and other businesses, you need to start utilizing a professional business email address right away.


Tools That Will Be Needed to Create a Business Email

To get a free business email account, you’ll need a domain name and a website. You’ll need an email service provider to handle your business emails after that. You can build a professional business email address using a number of different methods.

Method to Creating a Business Email Address

There are two methods to create a business emaill address which include:

  1. Free Email Services Like Gmail and Yahoo Mail
  2. Paid Email Services.

Our focus will be the paid email services which this article will teach you how to get it for free. This is the best method to create a free business email in 2022.


The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022 (Step by Step)

Please take you time to go through the steps to achieve this great task.

Step #1. Get a Domain name

We will be using as an example of where to get our domain name. All you need to do is to register and sign in with, search for a desire domain name, and secured it.

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

Step #2. Get A Hosting Package also provides a hosting package which we will be using as well. As earlier said, to make this work, we need a domain name and website (hosting package). To get this on is very simple. Goto to HOSTING and select Shared Hosting

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

You can select Stellar Plan and choose either one month or yearly plan.

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

Follow the steps to get the hosting package. Remember to change the NameServer to Namecheap Web Hosting DNS since you are using the same company for your domain name and hosting services

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The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

Step #3. The Free Email Hosting Company

Many Email Companies do provide Email Services but I will say that 98% if not 99% of them are all paid services. This prompted the birth of this article. Where you can get your 100$ Free Business Email for Free and still has all features the paid Email Services do have. I present to you Zoho Email Services where you can get your email for free.

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

After clicking on the SIGN UP FOR FREE, Scroll down the page and select Forever Free

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022


Step #4. Sign Up With Your Phone Number or Email Address

You are expected to fill in your correct details and start the journey of the process.

On completion of this form, you will be asked to verify your email address.

The Best Method to Create A Free Business Email in 2022

Step #5. Add Your Domain Name and Verify It.

This step is to add your domain name and verify to prove you are the owner.

Add Domain Name and Verification

You are expected to enter the domain name, company details, type of the company and click ADD

Free Business Email

After clicking on the ADD button, go to your Cpanel, click on Email Route, select the domain name and change it to Remote.



Free Business Email

Professional Business Email

After the above settings, click on the Zone Editor to verify the domain name using TXT option of CNAME

Get Professional Email Address for Free

The TXT value needs to be copied to the Cpanel for the domain name Verification.

Step #6. DNS Mapping

The=is steps cover the MX, DKIM and SPF settings. All the user needs to do is to copy them and insert the in the Zone Editor area in the Cpanel.

For More Explanation

Video Tutorial

Professional Business Email Address FAQs

Following are some of our users’ most frequently asked questions about business email addresses and how to use them.

#1. Is it possible to create a free business email account without a domain?

Without an email domain, you won’t be able to create a free business email account. You can register a free email account with Gmail or Hotmail, but it will not include your company name, so clients and other businesses will not consider it a business email address.

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#2. Is it possible to get more personalized email addresses for my company for free?

Yes, you can create up to 5 email addresses with the domain name u register in Zoho with a limit of 5GB monthly.

#3.  Can I send mass emails from my website using my business email address?

To achieve the best email deliverability, we always recommend sending your website email messages via SMTP. You can utilize Gmail SMTP servers to power your website emails for smaller websites and online stores.

Larger websites, on the other hand, will exceed your email hosting provider’s SMTP limits. You’ll require a third-party SMTP solution with high uptime in that situation. We advocate using a proper email marketing provider in conjunction with your company email address for advanced bulk email marketing features such as autoresponders, marketing automation, and more.

#4. Is it possible to convert my free business email account to a different provider if necessary?

Yes, you can transfer your business email address to any other email service, website hosting, or domain registrar.

#5.  Can I use my custom-branded email address with desktop and mobile email apps?

Yes, you can use your company email address with Zoho Mobile App or Desktop App.

#6. Is it possible to get a free business email address without having to construct a website?

Yes, you certainly can. However, you will still have to pay for website hosting because your hosting bundle includes a free email service and a domain name. After you’ve joined up, you’ll be able to select a domain and then establish your email address.

#7.  What are some examples of business email addresses that I might use?

It is dependent on your company’s requirements. Consider the following scenario:

  • You may send yourself or individual workers a custom branded email, such as
  • For departments like sales, support, and HR, you can create a corporate email account. [email protected]


Let this article serve you as a guide to create a professional business email successfully. If you have any questions related to this post or any of our articles, we will be glad to be of assistance to you.


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