Jobs For Foreign Students in Canada | 2023

Jobs for Foreign Students – Canada is one of the leading countries that provide job opportunities to foreign or international students.

As an international student studying in Canada, finding employment may seem challenging because you may not have the necessary qualifications.

However, international students can obtain permission to work in Canada by enrolling in a designated learning institution. Once enrolled, they can work for any organization and earn money while studying.

While our main focus today is not on whether you possess a work permit or not, we aim to inform you about various job opportunities available for foreign students in Canada that can help generate income.

If you originate from Africa, Europe, Asia or any other part of the world, it is crucial that you read this post thoroughly and comprehend the requirements necessary for securing the jobs mentioned here.

Feel free to share this information with your loved ones so that they too can benefit from these opportunities.

Jobs For Foreign Students in Canada

Here we are going to give the list of jobs you can get as a foreign student in Canada. See the list below.

  • Supermarket Jobs
  • Cleaning Jobs
  • Farm Jobs
  • Caregiver Job
  • Web developers Job

The above-listed jobs are the kind of jobs you can do as a student from another country studying in Canada.

1. SuperMarket Jobs

Currently, there are numerous job openings for both international students and locals at supermarkets throughout Canada.

Working at a supermarket provides an excellent opportunity to gain experience in customer service and develop skills in dealing with various types of customers.

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Moreover, this job can serve as a stepping stone for students who are just starting their careers.

In this post, we will discuss the necessary requirements that you need to meet to secure a job at a Canadian supermarket.


For you to work in any supermarket in Canada, the employer won’t need to check documents since you’re already living there.

These are the things that will be checked before you can be employed.

  • Some might check your GSCE or anything equivalent
  • You should have good communication skills
  • Should always be accurate
  • Should be punctual
  • Should be flexible and excellent
  • Should be a Team Player.
  • No educational qualification is required for this job
  • If you have experience before it will be a plus for you.

2. Cleaning Jobs

This is one of the best remote jobs you can get in Canada as employers are looking for people or someone who can perform the following task.

  • Clean and wash the flour
  • Clean the windowsill
  • Mop the flour
  • Clean the glasses
  • Replace or restock tissue papers and so on

Working as a cleaner in a house or for an organization can be a sure way of making money as a student living in Canada.

You can be paid at least $15 per hour of your work and you’re expected to work at least 40 hours a week, so approximately in a week you should be making up to $600 and in a year you should be making about $7,200.


  • You have to be hardworking
  • Should be punctual
  • Should have a little working experience
  • No educational requirement is needed etc.
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3. Farm Jobs

There are a lot of farm jobs you can get in Canada today. These jobs are located in the rural areas of the country and need a lot of workers.

As a farm worker, you can be picking fruits and vegetables or you can be taking care of animals or any other job required in the farm setting.

Before going for any kind of farm job, be someone who is strong and can carry any heavy material.


  • Be physically and mentally strong
  • Should be able to lift heavy materials
  • Should be someone ready to work in any kind of weather

4. Caregiver Jobs

I’m sure this would be your first time hearing about a caregiver job. Well, a caregiver is someone who is employed to take care of an aged person or sick person.

Your job as a caregiver is to always be around the person you taking care of, give the person food and make sure the person is in a good condition.

If you must do this type of Job, you should not be someone who is not friendly.


  • If you have any allergies, please don’t apply
  • Should be friendly and funny
  • Should be someone who loves to take care of the aged people
  • No educational requirement is needed

5. Web Developers Job

This is not more of a remote job but a skill you can earn as a student and have the opportunity to work with even big brands that will need your services, for you to be a web developer in any company, you need to know what you’re doing.

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For you to be employed in this kind of opportunity you need to have a good knowledge of web Development and tech in general.

The only requirements needed in this job are things you have done before and testimony which will come with proof.


How can a foreign student find a job in Canada?

As an international student, you need to get a work permit for you to work in Canada but when you are enrolled in a designated learning institute, you can work without a work permit.

What job can I do as a foreign student in Canada?

As a foreign student, you can do any of the jobs we have mentioned here like caregiver, Cleaner etc.

How much does a foreign student earn working?

The average fee paid to a foreign student who works in Canada is $8 – $10 per hour.


If you are a student in Canada and require financial assistance to sustain your lifestyle, it is essential to consider the job opportunities mentioned here.

Numerous companies and businesses offer these jobs, and your task is to contact them and secure employment to start earning money.

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