Cheapest Universities in Poland

Although Poland may not be the top choice for students seeking higher education, with many opting for schools in Canada and the United Kingdom instead, it is worth noting that some of the world’s best universities are located in Poland.

Not only does Poland boast some of the best universities, but education there is also inexpensive and accessible to the average student.

Unlike prestigious schools in Canada and England, getting a degree from Polish universities doesn’t require hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this article, I will provide information about the most affordable universities in Poland, including their acceptance rates, tuition fees, and other important details. Let’s take a look at the cheapest universities in Poland.

1. University of Opole

Acceptance rate: 24%

Tuition: 1,100 Euros

Address: plac Kopernika 11A, 45-040 Opole, Poland

Despite being one of the newer universities in Poland, the University of Opole has earned a reputation as one of the country’s top educational institutions. Founded in 1994 as a public research university, the University offers a blend of research and inquiry-based learning approaches. If you’re looking for high-quality education at an affordable price, the University of Opole is an excellent choice.

2. University of Warsaw

Acceptance rate: 29%

Tuition: 2,500 Euros

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 26/28, 00-927 Warszawa, Poland

While the University of Warsaw may not be as budget-friendly as the University of Opole, it offers good value for its tuition cost.

Established in 1916, the University of Warsaw is one of the oldest universities in Poland and currently has over fifty thousand students from around the world. It is the most prestigious university in Poland.

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3. University of Silesia

Acceptance rate: 40%

Tuition: 2,500 Euros

Address: Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice, Poland

The University of Silesia offers an intriguing feature in its acceptance rate. With over 40%, it surpasses the two previously discussed universities, which have acceptance rates lower than 30%.

Additionally, the University of Silesia has a large student body capacity of approximately 34,000, making it one of the most prominent universities in Poland.

4. Kozminski University 

Acceptance rate: 26%

Tuition: 4,000 Euros

Address: Jagiellońska 57, 03-301 Warszawa, Poland

Kozminski University, situated in Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, is considered quite costly in terms of tuition fees, deterring economically disadvantaged students from applying.

However, as the top business school in Central Europe, it produces some of the most exceptional graduates annually. At four thousand Euros, the tuition fee is relatively reasonable for a private university such as Kozminski.

5. National Capital University of Technology

Acceptance rate: 80%

Tuition: 4,500 Euros

The National Capital University of Technology is a premier institution in Poland, with an outstanding acceptance rate exceeding 80%. Established in 1915, the university currently accommodates over 30,000 students, making it one of the largest in the country. Furthermore, it is recognized as a top technological institute, not only in Poland but also in Central Europe.


Not only do the aforementioned universities offer affordable tuition, but they also provide exceptional educational value to their students.

A little research into the alumni they have produced will demonstrate that investing your money in these institutions is worthwhile.

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