Freelancing Master Course

Freelancing Master Course covers freelancing for beginners. I will walk you through every step of setting up your Fiverr freelancing profile including account setup, branding, creating the initial services you sell, and getting your first sales.

In the contract-based career of freelancing, an individual uses his or her abilities and experience to serve a variety of clients rather than being hired by an organization. Freelancing, to put it simply, is when you work with different clients and accept a variety of jobs without committing to a single company.

What You Will Learn:

  • Have your gigs rank in Fiverr search and be discovered by more buyers
  • Get people to make large orders from you
  • Turn buyers into long-term customers who buy many gigs from you
  • Increase sales of your gig extras
  • Get your gigs to rank highly in Fiverr search, and get many organic sales from Fiverr search
  • Maximize revenue potential from each customer


What Type of Fiverr Freelancing Servicing Services Can You Promote This Course

  • Marketing like SEO and social media marketing
  • Freelancing for developers selling web development and app development
  • Design services
  • Sales and blog copywriting
  • Coaching
  • Voiceover
  • Spokesperson videos
  • Video creation, transcription, animation